As shown in the figure below, the structure of SMaRTE has been divided into five Work Packages (WPs) with different functions in order to fulfil its overall objectives. There are two technical WPs focusing on the two work streams of the call text that will develop the necessary tasks to deliver the technical objectives of the project. These interface with an impact assessment work package which ensure that the activities carried out under S2R are delivering the expected benefits. There are also two WPs designated for ensuring an efficient management and coordination of the project as well as a dissemination and interaction with S2R actors and other stakeholders.

Work Package 1: Project Management

The main objectives of this Work Package are to implement a Project Management adapted to the specificities of the SMARTE project and to animate the Consortium. Project

Work Package 2: Smart Maintenance for Rolling Stock

The aim of WP2 of the SMaRTE project is to investigate the use of a CBM approach to develop the most suitable solutions for predictive and corrective maintenance in railway vehicles. To achieve this aim the Work Package has been divided into four main tasks. Task 2.1 will review the applicability of CBM techniques adopted by other sectors for use in the rail industry. The outputs from this task will support the development of a domain-specific architecture (Task 2.2) and relevant data management, analysis and prognostics techniques (Tasks 2.3) to support the smart rail vehicle maintenance. The developed CBM techniques and processes will be tested on a serious of rail vehicle systems in order to assess the impact of introducing CBM in the railway industry.

Work Package 3: Human Factors: User centred planning and mobility

Results from demographic/societal/literature review (Task 3.1) will lead to the definition of hypotheses of behavioural use cases to be evaluated and deepened through passengers experience mapping (Task 3.2) and a follow-up survey (Task 3.3). Task 3.4 will then take the results through a scenario exercise to develop the final Smart Journey vision with implementable recommendations contained in the ‘Railmap’.

Work Package 4: Impact Assessment

This Work Package will develop metrics to demonstrate the impact of the solutions / approaches developed in the project in line with achieving the relevant KPIs of the S2R JU. Task 4.1 involves an initial statement of methodology and data requirements for the assessment which feeds into Task 4.2; KPIs, Business and Financial Case Assessment.

Work Package 5: Dissemination and Promotion

This WP seeks to ensure proper dissemination, exploitation and promotion of the project and its results, in a way which is consistent with the wider dissemination and promotion activities of Shift2Rail. This is implemented through the following transversal tasks:
  • Task 5.1 – Project Dissemination and Promotion
  • Task 5.2 – Production and maintenance of Data Management Plan
  • Task 5.3 – Interaction/cooperation with Shift2Rail
  • Task 5.4 – Advisory Group, Standards & Regulations 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 777627

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